Sea to Sky Drilling is a Vancouver based owner operated geotechnical drilling company that commenced business in May 2004. Since startup we have completed a wide range of geotechnical drilling projects all across B.C. encompassing mud rotary drilling techniques involving standard sampling testing, all types of in-situ installations, and rock coring. We pride ourselves in communicating cost efficient drilling solutions to our clients, prior to start-up. Our diverse experience allows us to recommend on-site solutions to tackle even the most difficult drilling conditions.
Our proven method of drilling is to provide a continuously cased hole utilizing an open faced drill bit. The advantages of this method of drilling are;

1) Rapid advancement of drill hole.
2) Minimizes disturbed material (sluff) at sample depth. Ability to control heaving sands.
3) Quick, accurate, and straightforward procedures ensuring the highest integrity of the installations.
4) Allows for fast and reliable grouting of the entire borehole.

These advantages result in a substantial reduction in your drilling costs per foot, in comparison to other methods in the industry.
Sea to Sky Drilling will stand by its commitment to provide a responsible and trustworthy working relationship with our clients.

For your next drilling project call Sea to Sky. Why go anywhere else!!!


Sea to Sky Drilling is committed to meeting or exceeding our clients’ drilling requirements by providing the highest quality and quantity of geotechnical drilling services across B.C. , and to ensure we complete every project in a safe, cost efficient,  and professional manner.